Studio: Stitch Heads Entertainment
Roles: Junior Narrative Designer; Narrative Designer

Project Description:
Superfuse is a hack-and-slash, Action RPG that is a love letter to Diablo 2 with a twist: a unique Fuse System which allows you to hyper-tailor your hero’s skills based on your unique play style.

Project Details:
Time in the Studios: Ongoing
Team Size: 30+
Engine: Unreal Engine 


  • Takes ownership of the majority of narrative elements in the game. 
  • Responsible for implementing narrative aspects of the game
  • Responsible for localizing in-game text and integrating localized content in-game.
  • Coordinates localization and VO tasks with the publisher. 
  • Designs Quests and Sub-Quests (from concept to implementation).
  • Designs rules for Environmental Storytelling, the game's narrative structure, the Quest System, and other game features. 
  • Works closely with the Design and Narrative Director to design the game's narrative and quest flow.
  • Works closely with Level Design to implement Quest Data, in-game texts (NPC names, enemy names, etc.), and dialogue triggers. 
  • Works closely with Audio Design to prototype dialogue in AI voice-generation software and implement the audio in-game. 
  • Creates and maintains design documentation.
  • Writes dialogue (collectibles, NPC Chats, Quests).
  • Participates in VO recording sessions and selects VO takes. 

      Truck Driver: The American Dream

      Studio: SOEDESCO Studios
      Role: Game Designer

      Role Details:
      Time in the Studios: 10 months
      Team Size: 12-16
      Engine: Unreal Engine. 


        • Took ownership of all aspects of Narrative and Quest Design.
        • Led brainstorming sessions for the development team.
        • Researched comparable products.
        • Concepted gameplay features.
        • Pitched design concepts to stakeholders.
        • Supervised Game Design Interns.

                Monochrome RPG

                Studio: DVNC Tech LLC
                Role: Game Writer

                Project Description:
                Monochrome RPG is a 1920s-inspired narrative adventure that follows Otto, a lone comedian trying to make it big in Vaudeville, the city of entertainment.

                Project Details:
                Time on Project: 1 year
                Team Size: 20-25
                Remote Working
                Engine: Unity 


                • Designed quests.
                • Wrote dialogue.
                • Wrote flavor text.
                • Created character design concepts.
                • Wrote short stories.
                • World-building. 


                Company: Questo Global
                Role: Quest

                Platform Description:
                Questo is a mobile platform for city exploration games that lets players explore cities through stories told by locals.

                Project Details:
                Time on Project: 10 months
                Onsite Research
                Remote Working


                • Designed quests.
                • Wrote dialogue.
                • Performed ethnographic research.
                • Provided the team with UX/UI feedback on the platform.

                  Project Down Beyond

                  Studio: DVNC Tech LLC
                  Role: Writing and Design Contributor

                  Project Description:
                  Down Beyond is an upcoming next-gen casual mobile fantasy adventure RPG. Players take the form of an Astral Animal to rewrite Earth's fate and restore balance after The Great Reset.

                  Project Details:
                  Time on Project: 1 month
                  Remote Contribution

                  Activities (all concepting contributions):

                  • Wrote dialogue.
                  • Wrote lore.
                  • Designed quests. 

                      A snippet of a quest design.