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My name is DORA VRHOCI, and I am a professional NARRATIVE DESIGNER based in The Netherlands. I help Game Development Studios design compelling stories and coherent worlds for their products. As a Narrative Design and Storytelling professional, I have worked as a Game Designer, Quest Designer, and Editor.

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Narrative Design

Working as a Narrative Designer, I help Game Development Studios build immersive and intricate worlds for their games. I'm committed to achieving ludonarrative synchronicity, making sure that the game's narrative and gameplay are seamlessly weaved into a coherent unit. 


Storytelling is not just a tool in my arsenal as a Narrative Designer; it's the very essence of my craft. Through the art of storytelling, I weave intricate narratives that breathe life into the worlds of video games.

Quest Design

Quests play a key role in engaging players and immersing them in the game world. Well-designed quests also contribute to the overall player experience by offering opportunities for Storytelling, character development, and gameplay variety. Quest Design and narrative development are inseparable. I can help game development teams create well-structured quests that advance the game's narrative and provide challenges. 


My keen eye for detail led me to take on the role of a Copy-Editor for multiple years, ensuring that every sentence flowed flawlessly and every comma found its rightful place. Later, as Managing Editor for multiple projects, I orchestrated the editorial processes with ease, effortlessly juggling deadlines, content curation, and team collaboration. I eventually embraced the role of Editor-in-Chief for a local magazine based in Maastricht, leading a team of talented writers and editors with an inspiring blend of passion and professionalism. In short: if you need help with editing and reviewing written content, whether in games, magazines, or blogs, contact me!

Design Philosophy

Originally trained by the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) and inspired by the philosophies of Stanford and IDEO, my personal design philosophy is rooted in User-Centered Design (UCD). I was taught to prioritize understanding the needs, behaviors, and preferences of users throughout the design process, ensuring that the end product or experience meets their expectations and enhances their lives. By employing iterative design, prototyping, and usability testing, I strive to create solutions that are intuitive and efficient.

Games I Worked On

  • Project Black Budget (upcoming), PUBG Studios | KRAFTON.
  • Superfuse (in EA, 2024), Stitch Heads Entertainment. 
  • Truck Driver: The American Dream (2023), SOEDESCO Studios. 
  • Monochrome RPG (in EA, 2021), DVNC Tech. 
  • The Heart of The Hague (2020), Questo. 
  • Delft: The Blues Clues (2020), Questo. 

My Blog(s), Press Release(s), Writing

Circularity in Storytelling — with The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (2022)

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers of Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (2022).

It’s simple: The story ends where it begins.

Circular storytelling means that some elements from the beginning of the story (re-)appear at the end of the story. Elements (re-)appearing at the end of the story are usually in a stark contrast to the elements at the beginning of the story.

Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (2022) is a heart-warming story that ema