Dora Vrhoci

Narrative Design & Game Writing

Does your game need a story that's integrated into its gameplay? Dialogue? Memorable characters? Then I'm here to help out.

Having started with a background in literary and language studies, I have increasingly specialized in writing and design for interactive media, like video games. 

I understand the importance of the player's agency in navigating the game's narrative experience, and the necessity of creating player-reactive narratives.


If You Heat It, It Melts: How Andersen’s Icy-Cold Queen Evolved into a Heart-Warming Sister

It is well-known that a major source of inspiration for Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee’s Frozen (2013) was Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen (1844). Buck and Lee follow the Danish writer’s story by building the feature’s plot on a search for the Snow Queen. Elsa, loosely based on Andersen’s character, freezes the Scandinavian Kingdom of Arendelle and conceals herself in an icy tower, after which her younger sister Anna sets off on a mission to bring her back. Although building the

The Silent Charm of Black & White Horror

Whenever someone asks me “Hey, do you like horror films?”, my instinctive reply is usually “No, I’m not really into that.” And that’s true, I’m pretty much a chicken when it comes to horror films. When I was around eleven years old, my parents tricked me into watching Gore Verbinski’s The Ring (2002) (“Nah, it’s not that scary!”, they said), after which I was afraid of being left alone in a room with a TV for at least a week (way to go, parents). And as much as I’m intrigued by its story, there’

About Me

Dora Vrhoci is a game designer specialized in narrative design and game writing based in the Netherlands. You can follow her on social media with the links below.